Etj builds a global meta universe ecological platform based on BSC

Contract Address 0xab19627C09EfC7fdC5b45fA7100823791433171b
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Project introduction

Etj takes blockchain technology as the core to build a completely decentralized, tamper proof, anti-counterfeiting and traceable virtual space to form a fair and fair virtual world. Etj fully integrates NFT to create an interesting and sci-fi virtual world, so that everyone can enter the virtual world without threshold and obtain benefits through contribution. Etj uses Dao governance to create a new distributed meta universe ecosystem, which is a completely decentralized defi 10000 times incubator. Making etj holders obtain higher value returns is a real community autonomy project. Global participants work together to build and govern, constantly improve technological innovation and explore new fields.


Token allocation scheme

Total issuance:
800,000,000 (800 millionpieces ).

  • 5% (40,000,000 pieces) for airdrop reward for users of listed exchanges;
  • 5% (40,000,000 pieces) allocated to the founding team;
  • 90% (720,000,000 pieces) fairly and justly add the mobile ore pool and lock the LP.

ETJ Mechanism

Tax mechanism

9% tax reduction per transaction

Black hole destruction

3% real-time input black hole address deflation combustion destruction

Repurchase reward and marketing

3% development team reward and marketing promotion

Cash dividend

3% static dividend is distributed to all holders in real time


ETJ Purpose


Pledge etj to obtain token rewards related to all activities;


Pledge etj to obtain token rewards related to special events;


Pledge etj to obtain token reward for exclusive content;


Pledge etj for voting and participating in Dao governance;


Pledge etj to order exclusive goods;


Use etj tokens to pay for services in its meta universe virtual world network, etc.

ETJ advantages

ETJ is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is used to invest in NFT based on virtual world and blockchain games. Etj combines the characteristics of NFT and defi, adds a mobile mining mode to the game economy, and adds value to the so-called meta universe by developing game players, artists and creators. If the meta universe is a second world completely parallel to reality, etj is the development tool in this world, and everything is created and operated by etj.

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